Newcomers round out the New Year countdown concerts

It’s always interesting to see newcomers perform at a big stage and see how they fare. No retakes could be given since it was a live show event. To add to that, it was less than optimal condition as singers had to perform outdoors in the cold temperature. Here are some highlights. Let us know which performance(s) you liked best / enjoyed the most!

To our surprise, actor Eddie Peng was also performing at the countdown concerts…but he probably wished he didn’t. Regardless of how he sounded, Eddie was looking great (despite his short hair) and die-hard fans even waved his mini album and handmade signs in the air at Taichung. we recommend you turn the volume down or put some ear plugs on when watching this.

It was Anthony Neely’s second time performing at countdown concerts. He humorously greeted the audience at Taichung with some New Year phrases that he himself wasn't quite sure of. Since Anthony expressed his interest in acting, hosts Mickey Huang and Tian Xin asked if he could show them his reactions in a mock countdown to 2011. Anthony gave an energetic performance as he powered his way through the songs...getting a bit out of control in the end of "The Last Embrace".

The 8-member coed dance group, Dance Flow, followed right after Anthony’s performance. Whether it was due to too many members or the stage was not quite big enough, some members were clearly lost in the music while others tried their best to get the group back on track.

Watch Anthony perform:

Part 2 of Anthony + Dance Flow:

First time performing at the countdown concerts, Bii showed off his great vocals to the Tainan fans. As Bii introduced himself, fans shouted, “You’re so handsome!” which he immediately thanked them in both Chinese and Korean. He did not forget to tell the audience that his album is already available in stores, but Bii was looking rather nervous throughout his performance as he continuously pressed on his in-ear monitor.

Watch Bii perform at Tainan:

Part 2:

New boy group SIGMA was also performing at Tainan. They filled the stage with people as they brought a group of dancers with them. They warmed up the audience with their self-titled single, followed by other new songs on their debut album. Jett (Mrtting) almost fell into panic-mode as he was suddenly having mic problems and made several attempts to fix it.

Watch SIGMA perform:

Singer-songwriter Yen-J first performed with his acoustic guitar singing his soothing single, “I Like, No, I Love” at the Taipei countdown show. He then performed a medley on the piano, which included our readers’ not-so-fond-of single, Bieber’s “Baby”, and Mayday’s “Wild World”.

Watch Yen-J's performance:

Nick Chou and his mom Billie performed at Kaohsiung Dream Mall New Year’s Eve concert. He then headed to Chiayi to perform after the countdown to 2011. Nick revealed that he is currently preparing his new album, where all the songs will be written by him.

Watch Nick's performance at Dream Mall:

Former Super Idol contestant Sukie Chung was at the Chiayi countdown concert. Sukie continues her aura of weirdness matched with her (weird) songs from her debut album.

AK made a tribute to Hong Kong’s “Four Heavenly Kings” by performing a medley consisting of songs from the four veteran singers at the Taoyuan countdown concert.

Watch AK's performance:

The new otaku Goddess Tofu girl performed at Taoyuan and Tainan. Don’t have too high expectations for this…

Watch Tofu girl's performance:

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