Netizens puzzled by A-Mei's big frizzy wig and Rainie's starfruit pants

The New Year’s Eve concerts were surely a spectacle to watch. But stars’ wardrobes also became a hot topic among netizens. A-Mei Chang sang at Taipei right after the countdown and massive fireworks, but many were puzzled by her big frizzy wig, “What is with that head of hair? I thought OuYang Fei Fei (veteran singer) came to the countdown for a second there.” Nonetheless, she gave a stunning one hour performance to the audience singing a total of 12 songs which included both recent hits (“Fallen”) and classics (“Listen To The Sea”).

Rainie Yang’s choice of pants also caught everyone’s attention. Some thought that they were pants used by lion dancers (for New Year celebrations) and others commented that it looked as if she was wearing starfruits. Regardless, Rainie had to rush to Kaohsiung right after her Taipei performance. A netizen revealed that Rainie even asked a couple to borrow their motorcycle in order to make her way out of the heavy traffic. Rainie expressed through her manager, “It was because of the time constraints. I’ve called the couple to personally thank them.” As for her pair of starfruit pants, she responded, “Thank you for your comments. We leave the wardrobe in the hands of the professionals.”

Other than the singers, host Patty Hou changed into five sets of summer-style clothing, which seemed as if she got the seasons mixed up. Under the cold temperature of nine degrees Celsius, the audience noticed that Patty was looking pale; some questioned if her stylist had pulled a prank on her. Patty responded through her manager, “Because it was New Year’s Eve, so I wanted to appear beautifully in front of everyone, and it is also part of my professionalism.” In order to fight against the cold, Patty drank ginger tea at the backstage to keep herself warm.

Check out A-Mei's performance below:

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Watch Rainie perform at the Taipei countdown concert:

As mentioned previously, Patty sang “志明與春嬌” (Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao) with Ashin of Mayday:

Source: Appledaily, jjinzhong's channel

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