Ming Dao buys ham for his parents as Chinese New Year gift

After his unsuccessful idol drama comeback, Zhong Wu Yen, 30 year old Ming Dao has been busy filming a period drama in the mainland titled, “天下美人” (roughly Beauties of the world). The drama is expected to complete its filming just before Chinese New Year. Thus, Ming Dao will be able to celebrate the New Year with his family in Taiwan this year. He plans to buy some Jinhua ham as gift for his parents and he will also be giving out red envelopes to his staff, amounting to seven-figures (TWD) in total.

What really matters is this photo.

In related news, Kenji Wu successfully made it on the headlines again for being 'the most generous singer' thus far in giving out lucky money; Kenji handed out two million dollars worth of red envelopes to his staff as well as sponsoring three million dollars for a staff trip.

 Yao Yao and Mr. Red envelope Kenji Wu at Seed Music's company concert.

Source: UDN, LibertyTimes, Appledaily

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