Love Buffet overtakes Channel-X in the ratings

The overall numbers are nothing to celebrate about, but “Love Buffet” did get its first win against “Channel-X” after five weeks on the air.  The two shows averaged 1.04% and 1.02% on last Sunday respectively. It also marked the first time FTV has won the timeslot since it rejoined the competition with idol dramas produced/distributed by GTV (“Summer’s Desire”, “Personal Preference”, “Love Buffet”.) FTV was in fact the top money-making network of 2010 thanks to their own productions like “Night Market Life” and “Rookies’ Diary”, in addition to their strong weekend variety lineup. With last week’s win courtesy of “Love Buffet”, the network successfully topped every category on the ratings chart!

And the bad news keeps coming for "Channel-X": It was revealed that filming was halted for two weeks and didn't resume until three days ago. Director Chen Yi Jun confirmed the news and said they've been reworking the storyline due to the show's poor reception. He "threatens" viewers that they won't get to see another drama like "Channel-X", because according to him, it is an experiment for trying something new. Since things are not working out for him, he will stick with a love story for his next show.

Here is a full recap:

Source: Nownews, image from GTV

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