Leehom rings in the New Year in military style

Leehom Wang spent his New Year's Eve night in Shanghai in the cold. Performing on a stage on water that cost 7 milion RMB, it's estimated that the show reached around 200 million people overseas as it was broadcast on China Dragon TV station.

Sporting a dashing military uniform style outfit, Leehom sang five of his classic songs, including "All The Things You Never Knew" and "Change Me". Also, as previously mentioned, he performed a piano duet of "Hand in Hand" together with the talent show winner, Liu Wei, the piano with his toes. The two pianos floated towards each other while a hundred people chorus sang behind them. While the performance was quite touching, the transparent piano turned out to be not so transparent after all...

Part 1:

Part 2:

Source: UDN, banyungong's channel

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