Leehom becomes a popular best man

32 year old entertainer Jason Tang will be getting married with his 28 year old girlfriend Xiao Mi on March 4th. His good buddies Leehom Wang, Will Pan, and Blackie (Charles Chen) will be his best men. Blackie’s wedding will follow on May 7th and he has also asked Leehom to be his best man. The media asked Jason if he would be afraid of Leehom stealing all the attention away, and Jason replied, “If he wants to, go ahead! I’m the groom! Who dares to?”

Leehom’s manager expressed that Leehom is always willing to give his blessings and be the best man for his good friends.
Leehom will be the best man for both Jason's and Blackie's wedding.

Jason and Xiao Mi went to take their wedding pictures on the 5th. The two have been dating for a year; when the media asked Xiao Mi what she likes about Jason, she praised his cooking. Jason responded, “I’m very good at cooking fried rice…my fried rice is very delicious.”

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Source: Appledaily, x512x512x's channel

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