Kenji Wu rips off his top for Taipei's countdown; netizens suspect of lip-syncing

Kenji Wu was the opening performer for Taipei’s New Year’s Eve concert. To warm up the audience under the cold weather, Kenji ripped off his top in front of 150,000 people. Although his abs successfully made it on the front page of the entertainment news section on Appledaily, netizens questioned if he was lip-syncing during his performance. Some netizens pointed out that Kenji’s microphone was held far away from his mouth when he ripped off his top, but his voice was still heard. “Asia Dance King” Show Luo was under the same scrutiny as netizens were able to hear his voice when he was holding his microphone out to the audience. In response, Kenji said, “I’m not someone who would lip-sync, I’m not good at it anyway. Singing live is best.” Show on the other hand responded with anger, “Please pay attention to my performance. I don’t want to respond to netizens’ comments because it’s ridiculous.” Show further explained that it was the background vocals that we heard and denied that he was lip-syncing.

In related news, Aska Yang was late for the Taipei countdown concert as he was stuck in traffic after performing in Taichung. Lara, who was supposed to perform after Aska, went first and sang only two songs out of the three that were originally scheduled ("Rainy Day" was cut). Amber Kuo also met the same fate “due to time constraints.”

Check out Kenji's performance at Taipei's countdown:

(Fast forward to 16:35 if you just want to see the abs)

Watch Lara sing "Everything" and "I'm Not Afraid Anymore" at Taipei's countdown:

Lara fans can still catch her uncut performance at Taichung (part 1 and part2). Interestingly, she performed after Aska at Taichung before heading to Taipei...hmmmm.....

Part 2 of Aska's performance (continued from end of Lara) + Amber Kuo (3:00) at Taipei:

Source: UDN, Chinatimes, Appledaily, jjinzhong's channel

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