Jolin's "Honey Trap" gets muted on TTV

Jolin Tsai gave her opening performance at Dream Mall (Kaohsiung) and then headed to E-Da World (also in Kaohsiung) to sing right after the countdown to the New Year. For these two concerts, she spent five hundred thousand TWD to invite Chen Sun-Hua to specially design two dresses for her. One was in white with see-through chiffon decorated with sequin and her second one was in leopard pattern with a black leather top. Jolin was barely able to withstand the cold in her sleeveless and short dresses; she even shouted on stage, “I’m freezing!” Her manager explained, “There wasn’t much covering her because at the time when designing the dresses, we didn’t think it would be this cold.”

Jolin brought six dancers with her and performed her latest dance hit, “Honey Trap”. However, on TTV’s live broadcast of Dream Mall’s concert, the sound was missing for the first 30 seconds. Jolin’s manager expressed that there were no audio problems at the actual place and said that it could be due to technical difficulties in the process of transmitting the broadcast signal.

In response to Jolin getting “muted”, TTV expressed, “We actually did not set up any equipment at Kaohsiung. We only obtained the broadcast signal from the organizers, so we’re not sure where it went wrong.” On the other hand, the concert organizers responded, “We heard her voice fine at the venue. Maybe we need to ask Jolin’s manager to see where the problem is.” Since both sides kept passing the buck, the source of the problem could not be identified.

After Jolin completed her performance at E-Da World, she stayed in Kaohsiung for the night and then returned to Taipei the next day.

Watch Jolin perform at Kaohsiung E-Da World's countdown:

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Source: Appledaily, lootowinds's channel

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