JJ Lin's first performance after airport incident; announces upcoming concert

As previously reported, JJ Lin was stuck at the New York airport for 80 hours and couldn’t go back to Taiwan until the day before New Year’s Eve. He celebrated the New Year with fans at Kaohsiung and Taichung, performing a series of new and old songs at the countdown concerts. It was his first activity since the airport incident; JJ shouted, "I finally made it back!" and then assured everyone that he had gone home to take a shower and change into a fresh set of clothes before going to the countdown concerts.

JJ also took the opportunity to announce his upcoming concert on April 2nd at the Taipei Arena. He held a press conference on the very next day (1st) to celebrate his album sales as well as making the official announcement for the concert (tickets on sale now). He revealed that he will be collaborating with a team of Korean dancers to showcase a special dance number. When asked if there will be other gimmicks, he laughed, “There will be no ‘Double J’ (stunt)…I am ‘double J’” – referring to the fact that he’s…. ‘JJ’. The media asked if his rumored girlfriend would be attending; JJ responded, “All of my friends will go.”

JJ expressed that he has been rather unhappy about the media referring to his rumored girlfriend as the ‘E-cup girl’, “Please don’t call her that, it sounds awful. She doesn’t like it either.” When the media pressed further to ask if she is his girlfriend or if there’s someone else, he answered, “We are still in the stage of discussion. It’s not a suitable time right now, but if there is, it’ll be her.” He then added, “I cherish her more than any of my other friends.”

Check out JJ's performance at Kaohsiung E-Da World countdown:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Watch JJ @ Taichung:

Part 2:

Source: UDN, LibertyTimes, AF2011Eve and cupidsheart100's channel

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