Jam Hsiao performs on New Year's Eve and scratches his BMW on New Year's Day

Mr. Rock Jam Hsiao tried on the pair of 3D “100” glasses at the Taipei City Hall countdown which were given to the audience (the “100” signified the celebration of 100 years of ROC). Even though Mr. Rock didn’t have any new songs to showcase due to his new album being delayed, the fans enjoyed his 30 minute performance where he sang a total of seven songs. Fans also got to see low quality 3D graphics on the big screen interacting with 3D Jam when they wore their blue and red glasses.

The singer resumed work in Kaohsiung the very next day to continue filming his first movie, “The Killer Never Kill”. Since he was performing at Taipei and then Taichung on New Year's Eve, his assistant especially drove his car from Taipei to Kaohsiung for him. When he got out of the hotel in Kaohsiung in the morning to go buy some stuff, he accidentally scraped the left side of his car against a pole while making a left turn. Jam cried, “Today is only the first day of the New Year! How can I have such bad luck?” When asked if it was due to his poor driving skills, he denied, “It’s because I've been working overnight so I was losing my focus. Plus, I'm not familiar with the area.” The sound of his car screeching against the pole still resonates in Jam's ears.

Left: Jam and his scratched-up 2 million TWD BMW X1 that he bought last year. / Right: The pole.

Check out Jam's performance at Taipei:

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Watch Jam perform at Taichung:

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Source: LibertyTimes, Appledaily, jjinzhong and evaus3 's channel

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