Jam Hsiao gives his new cat a strange name

Jam Hsiao found a stray cat while he was filming his new movie, “The Killer Never Kill”, just before the New Year. If you thought Jolin’s dog’s name, Whoohoo, was strange, Jam decided to name his new found cat, ‘Check it out’. He explained that it’s because the cat suddenly appeared when he shouted, “Check it out!”

Check-it-out loves to play with Jam, and when Jam needs to film his scenes, it would quietly sit and watch. One night while Jam was filming, Check-it-out got into a fight with another cat and was wounded. Jam quickly took it to the animal hospital and spent $6,000 (NT) to have it do a full body check. After the check up, they found out that Check-it-out was infected with feline AIDS. Check-it-out had to be hospitalized in order to be treated. Jam would go visit his cat at the clinic whenever he has free time and give it some paw massage. He said, “Check-it-out used to wander on the streets, so all four of its paws have calluses.”

Feline AIDS won’t infect humans, but it may infect other cats. Since Jam already has two cats, he would have to separate them from Check-it-out if he brought it home. Due to this, Jam has been trying hard to persuade his manager Summer, “You only have a dog, so just let Check-it-out stay at your place.”

Source: LibertyTimes

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