George Hu shows off his hot legs

George Hu has been enjoying himself acting alongside two pretty girls for his upcoming idol drama, “Hayate The Combat Butler”. But it was time for him to sacrifice himself……by dressing in drag. After coming out of the change room at a busy department store filled with passer-bys, he expressed that he can finally understand the difficulties of being a girl as he constantly tried to pull his leggings, which was giving him a bad wedgie. He laughed in pain, “I’m afraid if I go back to the states, my dad will sever all ties with me!” It turned out that his dad had already been quite mad last time for seeing George gaze another man affectionately in a previous drama.

Standing uncomfortably, George joked, “My little sister is probably the happiest one right now.” – his sister had always wanted to have an older sister. Co-star Tia Li, who was wearing a Lolita dress teased, “I give him a score of 100! He’s so suitable to wear girls’ clothes.” But the media were a little disappointed that Tia’s Lolita dress was covering up her *‘career-line’. Tia explained timidly, “We’re filming an idol drama, it’s not suitable to show off the career line.”

*The 'career line' has become a popular term used to refer to cleavage...because more and more frequently, cleavage has become a measure of success in showbiz.

Source: UDN, LibertyTimes

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