Former manager calls Lollipop F ungrateful

Following the announcement of the repackaged boy group JPM, manager Andy Chang is releasing a tell-all book just in time to symbolize a new beginning. To get back at those who deserted him, Chang is revealing the real reason behind Lollipop’s breakup.

According to Chang, five Lollipop members had once questioned him, “Why is Prince always standing in the middle”, “Why am I not making more money when I’m popular”. Chang felt that his heart was being torn apart after realizing that the boys didn’t trust him anymore. He explained that Lil Jay returned and apologized to him because his parents told him to be grateful. Chang said that he’s talking about this not because he wants publicity, but because no one has addressed this issue before. He claims that he supports Lollipop F and their albums, and wishes them the best.

However, Chinatimes reported that the other four members (Lollipop F) were in fact only accompanying Lil Jay to negotiate with Chang. Prior to the breakup, Lil Jay made the least income out of the group because he had no hosting gigs or endorsements. Much to their surprise, Chang signed Lil Jay and the four became the subject of the breakup instead – they went on to sign a management deal with Gold Typhoon, which was already their record label in the Lollipop days.

Source: NOWnews, Chinatimes, UDN

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