Final ratings battle of 2010 ends with year-end countdown concerts

Last week's featured ratings battle was most definitely the much-hyped outdoor countdown concerts. Stars braved the cold (and some even in poor health condition) to perform one last time before the year was over. Most networks preempted their regular programming for the live-broadcasts, and the results are in: CTV’s Kaohsiung E-Da World came out on top with an average of 1.82%, followed by TVBS’s Taipei Cityhall at 1.7% and CTS’s Taoyuan at 1.28%. The usually dominant “Rookies' Diary” (on FTV) took a hit against the slew of specials; it scored 5.88% as compared to 7.60% from the previous week.

Weekend varieties and idol dramas returned on the weekend to kick off the New Year. It was another uneventful week for the latter: “Channel-X” easily secured first place (1.16%) with minimal competition, while “Love Buffet” moved into second (0.88%) as “4 Gifts” has ended. On the bright side, with modest numbers like these, ratings ought to improve sooner or later this year (…..or so we hope?)

Here's a full recap:

Source: Chinatimes

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