Ethan Ruan starts the new year cozying up with girlfriend and prepares for new movie

Ethan Ruan has been taking a long break since winning the Golden Horse award for best actor. Ethan and his four-year girlfriend Tiffany Hsu have been glued together during their free time; the media even took photos of the two walking in and out of their home and described them as being like “an old couple holding hands.” Regarding this, Tiffany responded, “If we’re an old couple, one of us would be walking in the front while the other would follow from behind, we wouldn’t be holding hands!” The two have gotten used to the media and do not hide the fact that they’re currently living together. Tiffany expressed, “This is very normal,” and revealed that their new home was purchased by Ethan, “It’s the result of Xiao Tian (Ethan)’s hard work!”

The couple has been holding parties, inviting friends over to play mahjong. They were also spotted chatting with a friend outside of a garage yesterday (25th), and the reporters escorted them home. Ethan has turned down several drama offers already (including the spin-off of Fated To Love You), but when asked if he would feel that it’s a pity, he answered, "No, I'm getting myself prepared (for the next role) right now.” As reported previously, Ethan accepted a new role in the upcoming movie, “The Flying Guillotine”. When the media asked if he was waiting for the script, he replied, “No, we’ve already discussed that we will start filming it in the mainland after the (Chinese) New Year.”

The clip:

Source: Appledaily, UDN, ballchan2002hk1's channel

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