Don't call Crowd Lu between 12am to 7am

Singer-songwriter Crowd Lu was at Kaohsiung Dream Mall’s countdown concert, where he started off his performance with his new single, “別在我睡著的時候打給我” (roughly “Don’t Call Me When I’m Asleep”). The catchy tune was filled with fun lyrics which wrote: “Don’t call me after I’m sleep even if you’re my best friend”, “From between 12am to 7am, don’t call me~ Don’t call me~ unless you want to have breakfast with me”. Some netizens expressed that after hearing the song they “had an urge to call Crowd.”

Crowd went to bed after his New Year’s Eve performance, then woke up early in the morning at 7am and went to the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area to give a closing performance for fans that were there hoping to catch the first sunrise. He performed his other new single, "再見了 阿髮迪斯" (roughly Goodbye Afa-deus - inspired from Amadeus...but for hair). Other early bird singers included Yen-J giving an opening performance at 3am, followed by pop-rock bands Champion, Wonfu Junior, and Monkey Pilot. Although fans were unable to see the first sunrise due to the thick clouds, they still enjoyed the musical performances.

Watch Crowd Lu at Kaohsiung Dream Mall:

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A fancam of Crowd performing at the Northeast and Yilan Coast:

Source: UDN, photo from Appledaily, jjinzhong and 0distance1's channel

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