Della Ding searches for her "Soul Mate"

From "Unable to Guess" to "I Love Him", Della Ding has brought us many love songs that have tapped numerous charts and won multiple grand awards. Not only does she have the honor for her song to nearly top the KTV charts, she has found that the entire audience will always sing along with her during her performances, like a large-scale KTV occasion. With the popularity of this love song queen's continuously rising, a concert was held for the first time for her in 2010. As proven by the concert jammed full of people, Della has pretty much become a spokesperson on the relationships of men and women today. Each of her heartfelt pieces of work is like a dialog of the soul.

Her newest album, set to land on the 21st of January, is named "Soul Mate" in English and "未來的情人" (lit. Future Lover) in Chinese. This album, consisting of 11 tracks, will become her fifth album in which she hopes to find her own future soul mate in the coming year. With numerous famous musicians coming together, including Pete Martin, Mayday and more, to help her on the album, it is sure to be a treat.

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Here is the main track of the new album, One Half (一半):

Sources: UDN, DellaFan's channel

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