Della Ding falls asleep during MV shoot

Della Ding recently became the spokesperson for an online game, pocketing a seven-figure (TWD) paycheck. The online game also spent big bucks to play her commercial on the big TV screen at Ximending. As her first time endorsing an online game, Della expressed that it felt very new and interesting, and happily said, “This is great! I’ll be able to stay home and play online during the New Year’s holiday so that I won’t be bored!”

Her “冷血動物” (roughly translates to Coldblooded Animal) is the theme song for the online game and it is also recorded in her newest album, “Soul Mate”. Following the game's theme, the MV director decided to have Della and the male model to act out a love story that takes place in both the ancient and present times.

There was a scene in the MV where Della lay on the surgical table while the male model operated on her. Since Della hadn’t slept for almost two days, she immediately fell asleep during the shoot and the staff didn’t wake her up until it was over. Della felt very embarrassed and asked, “Was I drooling?” The director humorously praised, “You acted very well!”

Della's "Soul Mate" album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Check out the MV below:

Source: NOWnews, Chinatimes, AA123888's channel

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