Della Ding brings her fans to the KTV

Della Ding’s popularity has been slowly rising after singing the Autumn’s Concerto drama theme song and KTV hit, “I Love Him” – which was the second most popular KTV song of 2010. Della met up with a hundred fans at the KTV to thank their support as well as to celebrate the 123 singles day (January 23rd).

Della especially reserved ten KTV rooms and sang her heart out with her fans. Some of her male fans even challenged her to a song battle and sang her other hit, “你為什麼說謊” (roughly Why Did You Lie). Della’s good friend and pop rock band Champion’s lead vocalist Huang Niu guest hosted the event; he revealed that whenever they hold birthday parties at the KTV, Della would hog the microphone and sing non-stop.

Della's record company, B’in Music, especially prepared a “Golden K” trophy and a “Mr. Rabbit” balloon to give to Della, wishing her continual success in music and a new relationship in the (Chinese) New Year.

After Della completes her autographing and mini concert events on the 29th and 30th, she will be going back home in Hangzhou to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Della's "Soul Mate" is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Source: UDN

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