Da Mouth's Harry, MC 40, and Sukie Chung are new hosts for WQYL

In hope to increase its ratings, SETTV invited Da Mouth’s Harry, MC 40, and Sukie Chung to become new hosts for their entertainment news program, “完全娛樂” (Wan Quan Yu Le / Complete Entertainment). Zax Wang, Jason Hsu, and JR will be bidding farewell to the show on the 30th.

Since the media were more interested in Harry’s relationship with Cheryl Yang, Harry promised, “When hosting ‘WQYL’, I will let go of my singer personality. We have many thoughts on gossips.” He expressed that he would even invite Cheryl on the show, “We are good friends. I know her better than others, so the interview would definitely not be like the typical kind.” MC 40 also assured everyone that he wouldn’t let Harry off the hook so easily if Cheryl really does go on the show. Sukie, on the other hand, said, “Before he even gets to ask her anything, I’ll definitely start first because I want to ask her: ‘how come you have such long legs’.” When the media asked Harry what kind of questions he would ask Cheryl, he joked, “I will ask her…what horoscope she is and ask for her telephone number while I’m at it.”

Source: Chinatimes, NOWnews, Appledaily

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