Anthony Neely endorses skin care product in pilot outfit

Anthony Neely recently became the spokesperson for a whitening skin care product, pocketing a seven-figure paycheck; his mom in the states is even more excited than him. Anthony revealed that when he was little, he would play around with the moisturizers and things on his mom’s dresser table, which he often got yelled at. Before his debut, he only got a six-figure paycheck for his endorsements, but this time, his pay is doubled and there are no dialogues in the commercial! – he laughed out loud.

Anthony reportedly got the endorsement due to his light complexion and his ability to attract female fans wanting to become his “Snow White”. Anthony didn’t start using skin care products until after he became a singer, “I’ve numbered each of them based on their usage, and I apply them in order, so I can’t go wrong.”

It’s also Anthony’s first time wearing a pilot’s outfit. He expressed that he likes flying a lot, “I want to fly to different places and tour around the world!” He further said that he likes long flights, “This way, I can watch several movies.”

In related news, Anthony also held his first paid concert at Legacy (venue) after just three months since his debut.

A family photo of Anthony with his mom and dad.

Source: LibertyTimes, kukoc0914's channel

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