Anthony Neely doesn't have enough money to buy an iPad

VOGUE and GQ Chinese edition invited Anthony Neely to demonstrate their magazine's iPad versions at a press conference. When he showed the media how to flip through the magazines, he revealed that he doesn’t own an iPad yet and is saving up money to get one. He has already checked out the price for it (NT $22,000), but his bank account doesn't even have that much money in it!

He told the media that for the past two years that he’s been in Taiwan, he has only recently begun to make money. He revealed that he was so poor that he was “almost taken away by the dead.” During the time he was recording his album, he rode on a bike to get to and from the studio, and ate lunch boxes provided by his company so that he didn’t need to spend a single penny.

In related news, Anthony regrets revealing on Kang Xi Lai Le that he had his “first time” when he was 19. His mom called him right away after watching the show and told him, “The next time someone asks, you should ask them back.” Anthony held a mini concert at Legacy today on the 9th. Although he has received many praises on his live performances, he expressed that he doesn’t dare to watch videos of himself singing because it makes him feel “disgusted and wants to barf.”

The clip...

Source: Chinatimes, LibertyTimes, sugoimtv3's channel

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