Angela Chang caught in family scandal...again

Several days ago, a magazine spotted Angela Chang’s dad seeking for financial aid from the government. Regarding this, Chang denies of being unfilial. But once again, the songstress is warped into her family scandal in the midst of her photobook promotions.

Chang’s parents, grandma, and uncle reportedly went to visit her brother at the military looking for a way to contact her; there were some pushing and shoving and two of her brother’s friends came to stop them. However, the group of six (Chang’s family and her brother’s two friends) ended in a fight, and even wanted to sue each other. Chang’s brother expressed that their parents have visited him multiple times at the military but he refused to see them. His supervisor hoped that he could resolve the issue this time face to face, but things actually got out of hand.

Chang held a press conference for her new photobook on the 19th. She expressed that she had been trying to contact her parents but they never responded.

See them in action here: Appledaily
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Source: NOWnews, LibertyTimes

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