Yoga Lin and girlfriend G.E.M. battle Hong Kong paparazzi

It’s been eight months since the rumor of Yoga Lin dating Hong Kong pop singer G.E.M. broke out in April of earlier this year, and the couple’s relationship finally went public on the 26th.

Hong Kong magazine, FACE, snapped some photos of the two eating dinner, shopping, and going to the movies together – for a total of five hours. The two were seen hugging and kissing, and wrapping their arms around each other. Despite the two were wearing masks, reporters recognized the singers and decided to get closer to take more photos, which caused the situation to get out of hand.

Lin attempted to grab the reporter’s camera while saying, “This is our private matter. I’m from Taiwan. I’m only here to promote music, (so) I don’t want to be on your magazine.” G.E.M., who was a little shaken, tried to calm Lin down. Lin and the reporters made physical contact and the situation was finally put under control when the police and staff members from the record company arrived. HIM Records responded on the 28th that Lin’s behavior was due to being frightened by the reporters’ sudden appearance and explained that he did not hit anyone. As for his and G.E.M.’s intimate display, HIM Records insisted, “The two are good friends. They were only discussing about music.” G.E.M. supported her boyfriend, “Four men suddenly appeared in front of us and started snapping photos. He only reacted out of instinct and tried to stop them. I don’t think he was being reckless.”

Source: Appledaily, NOWnews

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