Yao Yao goes vegetarian for a week; tries to slim down her 'elephant legs'

Labeled as "Elephant Legs" by the public, Taiwanese entertainer Yao Yao took steps to alleviate the body mass in her legs and reduce the name callings by going on a veggie diet. In her recent music collaboration with mainland Chinese singer Jing Bo Ran for the song "Warm Hands", Yao Yao has been the target of Bo Ran's female fans when they lashed out at Yao Yao with the "Elephant Legs" label.

Yao Yao reacted to the name calling with a tearful message: "I know that my legs aren't slender, but it's not something that I'm willing to have. I don't want elephant legs either!" The negative response move by Bo Ran's fans was the last straw for the Taiwanese otaku goddess, whom vowed to attack the source of her leg's body mass through a combination of eating a veggie diet and swearing off eating meats and starchy foods.

Along with her determined recent dietary habits to combat the excess body mass in her legs, Yao Yao has also taken extra steps such as eating lighter snacks and undergoing a warm bath treatment to help with the reduction of her leg size. The steps to her health regime has gone on for at least one week, and Yao Yao hopes to continue her steps through the closing of the year.

Several days ago, Yao Yao was promoting a handmade chocolate dessert shop in advance to celebrate the holiday season with food presents, but in keeping with her recent dietary moves, Yao Yao avoided the chocolate sweets and did not talk with the restaurant staff in order to evade urges of taking some treats home to eat.

Source: The Liberty Times

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