With "Love Buffet" in December 2010 and "Hayate" in April 2011, will "Sunshine Angel" get a February 2011 release?

Taiwanese channel GTV is currently promoting the release of Reen Yu, Aaron Yan, and Calvin Chen's Love Buffet for a December 19th release, the long-awaited idol drama which has seen delays stretching back to the summer of 2009. News of Love's upcoming broadcast also comes approximately two weeks after the Taiwanese press released news of George Hu and Park Shin-hye's Hayate the Combat Butler having its own planned release in April 2011. Yet despite the fact that Rainie Yang and Wu Chun's upcoming idol drama Sunshine Angel, like fellow GTV idol drama Love, has already completed its filming, there has not been official reports of that drama's release.

The star pairing of Rainie and Wu Chun was earlier publicized by the press as GTV's desperate attempts to combat rival Taiwanese channel SETTV's comfortable years of ratings dominance, but GTV currently has the luxury to sit on the Rainie-Wu Chun drama at its convenience, especially given SETTV's recent ratings downturn in the post-Autumn's Concerto era. And with GTV's live action adaptations of Japanese manga typically spanning a broadcast period of roughly two to three months, there happens to be an available gap just as long between the broadcasts of manga-turned-dramas Love and Hayate.

Besides Sunshine, GTV's only other announced idol drama is Wu Chun's other drama Absolute Boyfriend with Goo Hye-sun, and that drama has only begun production very recently. Unless GTV plans to rush Absolute right after Love in order to save Sunshine for a rainy day, it is possible that Sunshine will be the follow-up drama to Love. The release schedules for Sunshine and Absolute themselves are just speculation based on the schedule gaps between Love and Hayate, but it is the best educated guess out there given what is known. Hopefully this will appease Taiwanese idol drama fans other there until GTV releases some more concrete information.

GTV's speculated drama release forecast
Love Buffet:
December 19, 2010 - February 2010

Sunshine Angel:
February 2010 - April 2011

Hayate the Combat Butler:
April 2011 - ???

Absolute Boyfriend:
after the completion of Hayate the Combat Butler

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