Will Pan releases new single for upcoming album

With the end of his latest drama, “Endless Love”, Will Pan is immediately shifting gears back to singing. Will appeared as the special guest performing at both Jian Guo and First Girls high schools’ anniversary celebration on the 18th. He responded, “My mom is the happiest because her son is singing at her school.” – Will’s mom graduated from the First Girls high school in 1968.

It was the first time for Jian Guo (all boys) high school and First Girls high school to celebrate their school anniversaries together. When Will performed “Can’t Help But Love (不得不愛)”, it was also time for the students of both schools to dance together, which caused a bit of a commotion below the stage. Will joked, “Today, my mission is to bridge the ‘friendship’ of these two schools. Boys and girls, press on!”

Will revealed that the making of his latest album took over a year and it’s finally scheduled to be released on January 14. It will be his eighth album, which will be titled, “808”; preorder will begin on December 31st. His latest single, “全面通緝” (roughly translates to Most Wanted), has also just been released on the radio.

Check out Will's new single below:

Source: UDN, NOWnews, MrOknio's channel

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