Whoohoo appears as special guest at Jolin's concert

Jolin Tsai completed her extravagant concert at the Taipei Arena from 24 to 25th. After all her hard work in preparing for the concerts, Jolin was moved to tears three times on the final night. She couldn’t stop her tears from flowing as she sang her KTV hit song, “Rewind”, and called out, “My goodness! I need some tissue.”

Like her last concert, Jolin dazzled the audience with more difficult gymnastic moves. Her company even bought a hundred million dollar insurance in case of any accidents. Fortunately, Jolin completed her shows with perfection. On the second and third night, Jolin’s dog Whoohoo was the special guest; fans couldn’t help but shout, “Kawaii!” as Whoohoo walked along the stage like a superstar. Jolin’s manager was initially afraid that Whoohoo would get scared, but Jolin confidently said, “Whoohoo has been to the big stage before.” Jolin later laughed, “It did pretty well on the second night, but on the third night, it kept running to the back as if it wanted to have a race with me. I don’t know what it was thinking.”

Jolin’s boyfriend Vivian Dawson was also spotted at the concert on the third night.  

Here are more highlights of the concert:

Source: UDN, NOWnews, Appledaily

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