Who is Wilber Pan's dream woman?

On the 14th of January, Wilber Pan will be releasing his newest album, "808". On the 23rd, he went on HitFM where they played his hit new song, 全面通緝 (roughly Most Wanted), and shared her experience of being "most wanted" by love. While laughing, he said that when he was still in school, he was both fat and ugly, but within the span of three months, he was pursued by 7 females. Due to practicing day and night on the dance for his new song, he has lost 6kg and his charm has increased.

However, despite his build becoming better due to dancing, Wilber still laughed at himself saying that he wasn't tall enough and that no one will love him since he's short. But the hair stylist who he said this to told him that many females love "Handsome Pan", so much so that even though they might have a boyfriend, they'll still think about Wilber as their husband.

Wilber's description of the woman of his fantasy is someone who has thick lips, enough sex appeal, and makes one desire to kiss her. When he asked about the females that love him, the hair stylist would only say that one of them sings, acts, and is an artiste popular in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Hearing this, Wilber decided that it couldn't be Rainie Yang because the the two often ignore each other and that he couldn't be the guy of her dreams.

He did reveal that his parents are impatiently waiting to hold a grandson, while he is not anxious. He did say that there was an upper limit, and that was 35 years old. He is determined to have started a family by the time he is 35. Right now, his first request for his girlfriend is or her to "have confidence that she can maintain a phone conversation with (him) for at least two hours," there must be something to talk about.

Wilber's Most Wanted

Source: NOWnews

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