Weekly ratings recap

It was the end of “Zhong Wu Yen” and “Endless Love” last Sunday, but both finales did little to help the struggling shows' ratings. “Zhong” continued to place first with an average of 2.54%, while “Endless” moved up to second with 1.15%. The SETTV-produced “Channel-X” and American series “Gossip Girl” will take over their respective timeslots starting this Sunday. In third place was “Personal Preference” with 1.06%, followed by “4 Gifts” at the bottom again with 0.79%.

Back on Saturday, it was a quiet night for the usually dominating variety line up due to the 2010 Taiwan metropolitan elections. CTV in fact preempted “Variety Big Brotherand Mr. J Channel” to make way for election coverage. This might be a good thing for Mr. J and company, because considering their 0.51% average from the previous week, things weren’t looking exactly promising for them.

Mr. J’s former mentor Jacky Wu is also battling his own ratings trouble. His Saturday show “Super King” is said to be going off the air after its contract expires in late December. Two of its hosts, Zax Wang and Tony Sun, have already announced that they are leaving the show which further solidifies the rumors. Meanwhile, Wu's other show “Power Sunday” is still losing to “Diamond Club” and “One Million Star” despite getting a makeover three weeks ago.

Source: Chinatimes, Nownews

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