Weekly pop charts: Lotus Wang tops G-Music album sales chart

Believe it or not, Lotus Wang’s debut album, “Bobee”, tops G-Music’s album sales chart after three weeks since its release. The veteran entertainer expressed, “Those who bought (the album) will be blessed (‘bobee’).”

For the sake of fulfilling her music dream, she stopped all her variety show activities for four months. It’s estimated that she lost about NT$ 6 million due to this, but she said, “(It’s) very worth it, (I) enjoy this very much.” Wang has been going on many shows to promote her single; some viewers noticed that she hasn’t been singing live. Wang explained, “I’ve been having a cold because of the busy schedule, so I’m lip syncing for now since my voice has become too raspy.” – on another note, I’m sure some of us would rather have her lip sync than hear her sing live…

Other newly released albums also entered top five on the album sales charts. Hu Xia’s album debuts at second and fourth place on G-Music and Five Music sales charts respectively. SIGMA’s album debuts at fourth place on G-Music’s sales chart. Coincidently, Hu Xia and two members of SIGMA are all former contestants of the singing competition show One Million Star.

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Source: Appledaily, pop charts as labeled

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