Weekly pop charts: Lotus Wang debuts at number one on KKBOX Taiwanese singles chart

It’s Kenji Wu topping the album sales and KKBOX singles charts again this week. Over on the Taiwanese (dialect) music side, veteran entertainer Lotus Wang’s “Bobee” debuted at number one on this week’s KKBOX Taiwanese singles chart, knocking Huang Weng-Sing’s “Tian Di” (Heaven and Earth / 天地) off the throne after sustaining its spot for 19 weeks in a row! – yes, I counted.

And for a brief introduction – Taiwanese (dialect) music is dominated by veterans like Jody Chiang and Weng Li-You with relatively few newcomers entering the market and it’s been a while since new blood has appeared. Gold Typhoon decided to go full throttle to establish the Super Idol season 1 second place finisher Huang Weng-Sing to be the new ‘bilingual prince’ of Taiwan music. After releasing a Mandarin EP last year, A-Sing (Huang Weng-Sing) came back with a full Taiwanese (dialect) debut album just this past summer and immediately topped the Taiwanese music chart in two weeks.

In fact, “Tian Di” was such a big hit that it caught itself in a controversy with FTV and SETTV fighting over it. In the midst of prime time drama ratings battle, Gold Typhoon initially spent NT$3 million to have A-Sing’s “Tian Di” to be FTV’s "Night Market Life’s" ending theme song, but SETTV decided to play “Tian Di” as an insert song for their drama "Parents of The World" as well free-of-charge – thus, the song was heard on two competing dramas. In case you wanted to know, the incident ended with some verbal war between the two networks where FTV criticized SETTV for copying their plots and purposely using the same song, while SETTV sarcastically thanked FTV for using ‘their’ Super Idol A-Sing’s song.

Check out A-Sing's "Tian Di" MV below:

...and like the Show Luo of Taiwanese music - A-Sing's "Mighty Hero" (絕世英雄):

Finally, onto the pop charts! (click here for last week's)

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Source: Appledaily, UDN / Videos: TyphoonGroup / Pop charts as labeled

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