Weekly pop charts: JJ Lin debuts at first and second place on album sales charts

JJ Lin’s new album “She Says” debuts at first and second place on Five Music and G-Music album sales charts respectively. His first plug, “She Says”, with lyrics by good friend Stefanie Sun is also doing well on the singles chart.

JJ’s new album contains a collection of hit songs that he composed for fellow female singers with “Remember” being the most well known song which he composed for A-Mei Chang ten years ago. He expressed that he wrote many songs while he was fulfilling his military duties. His work was often rejected at the time and was truly overjoyed when learning that A-Mei had chosen to sing “Remember”. He revealed that he would often check up on how well A-Mei’s album was doing and find out about “Remember’s” placement on singles charts. Remaking the song for his latest album brings back the memories of the time he wrote it. He also feels very proud and successful for the fact that the song has been sung by Khalil Fong and Jam Hsiao previously.

Veteran entertainer Lotus Wang’s “Bobee” has become an immediate hit on the internet upon its release. Lotus’s album debuts at third place on G-Music album sales chart and the single continues to be the champion on KKBOX’s Taiwanese (dialect) singles chart, followed by Jeannie Hsieh’s “Beep Beep Beep”, while Huang Weng Sing’s “Tian Di” drops to third.

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Source: Appledaily, pop charts as labeled

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