Van Ness takes it off for Material Queen

Van Ness Wu and Lynn Xiong have been filming at Taichung for their upcoming drama, “Material Queen”. Both stars have packed on some extra weight for giving in to irresistibly delicious local foods; Van Ness gained 3 Kg adding up to 75 Kg at 180 cm in height; Lynn gained 2 Kg and is 178 cm tall.

In “Material Queen”, there was a "must film" out-of-shower scene for Van Ness. But Van Ness was rather worried that his "ice-cube" six-pack had “melted” away a bit due to his weight gain. Thus, a week before shooting the scene, he immediately went on a diet where he ate nothing but vegetables.

Seeing that Van Ness was able to quickly regenerate his six-pack, Lynn sighed in jealousy, “How come he’s able to slim down so quickly?” Lynn, who was afraid of her face becoming rounder, also began to eat vegetables only. When the crew was served with some glutinous rice dumplings as dessert (to celebrate Winter Solstice), Van Ness only allowed her to eat one. Lynn cried, “He’s even stricter than my dad!”

In related news, Next TV celebrated its launch on the 28th; Since Next TV could not obtain cable TV operating licenses for all of their wanted channels (they only got approval for their movies and sports channels), 2,000 TV set-top boxes were given away for free on the 26th so that viewers can start watching the network via streaming.

Source: Appledaily

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