Track list for JJ Lin's "She Says" album revealed

With Mandopop artist JJ Lin's upcoming album "She Says" getting released tomorrow, the anticipated track list for what songs he's decided to cover has recently been released online. There were several ways that JJ originally could have gone with his cover song selections, such as choosing the biggest fan favorites or taking songs that blended well together. Based on the final track list though, it looked like JJ decided to go with songs that provided a good balance by mixing in upbeat melodies with soulful ballads.

Of the sixteen songs that he wrote specifically for female Mandopop artists, the ones that made the cut and the ones that didn't can be found below. A few of his omissions are probably going to either leave some people scratching their heads for having been left out when it could have been a better fit, or upset them for not including their personal favorites. But overall, the reception for the final songs chosen are bound to satisfy many of his fans for the most part, which may be all that matters in the end.

JJ Lin's "She Says" album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

愛笑的眼睛 (Smiling Eyes) - 徐若瑄 (Vivian Hsu)
只對你有感覺 (Feel for You) - 飛輪海 (Fahrenheit) & Hebe
當你 (Whenever) - 王心凌 (Cyndi Wang)
一眼萬年 (Forever) - S.H.E
保護色 (Protective Colors) - 張韶涵 (Angela Chang)
握不住的他 (The Taste of Love) - 蕭蕭 (Xiao Xiao)
心牆 (Wall) - 郭靜 (Claire Kuo)
我很想愛他 (Loving Her) - Twins
記得 (Remember) - 張惠妹 (A-Mei)
一生的愛 (Eternal Love) - 李冰冰 (Li Bingbing)
明天見 (See You Tomorrow) - 王心凌 (Cyndi Wang)
手錶 (Watch) - 王心凌 (Cyndi Wang)
在你懷裡的微笑 (Smile in Your Embrace) - 楊丞琳 (Rainie Yang)
這就是愛嗎 (Is This Love) - 容祖儿 (Joey Yung)
路人 (Passerby) - 江美琪 (Maggie Chiang)
勇敢 (Brave) - BY2

Critique of final song selections

(+) Omitting Cyndi Wang's "See You Tomorrow"
While this Cyndi song also took several nods from several existing JJ songs, this song didn't seem as strong a candidate compared to Annie's song.  A tough call to leave out, but also difficult to justify which ballad that got the cut it should have replaced.

(-) Including Angela Chang's "Protective Colors"
The most stylistically different song of the bunch, it was weird for JJ to include this since the song's style sounds out of date. Hopefully JJ gives the song a more modern update.

(+) Including Claire Kuo's "Wall"
A huge fan favorite and also one of JJ's personal favorites, this song was obviously going to be on the album. A good and safe choice to have included this.

(-) Including Hebe Tian's "Feel for You"
Another huge fan favorite, but seemed like an odd inclusion considering that it's actually a duet featuring the male duet parts from the members of Fahrenheit. It'll be interesting to see how he addresses this situation.

(+) Omitting BY2's "Brave"
While the chorus in real-life twins BY2's song isn't relatively catchy, the overall tune fit in better with the choices that did get in. Could have gone either way though.

(-) Including Twin's "Loving Her"
A slightly surprising selection from real-life non-twins Twins, since the song is one of the more musically weaker choices that made the cut. Its memorable hook in the chorus probably saved it from the chopping block.

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