Top 10 KTV songs of the year: veteran Tiger Huang defeats all

What are the most popular songs at the KTV of 2010? As the dark horse beating out double J, former One Million Star judge Tiger Huang tops both Party World and Holiday KTV charts with her hit single, “Not That Simple”. Della Ding’s “I Love Him” and Rainie Yang’s “Rainie Love” follow close behind.

Huang answered with poise, “(I’m) very happy.” It had been eight years since Huang last released an album; good friend and bilingual singer-songwriter Ricky Hsiao especially composed “Not That Simple” for Huang. Writing about the struggles of love, the simple to understand and easy to relate to lyrics made the song an immediate hit especially among women. Huang’s album also sold over 50,000 copies, proving that she’s still got more fuel in her tank.

After the single became a hit, Hsiao also received many requests for him to write another similar song, but he answered, “Songs written for other artists are tailor-made. The song (‘Not That Simple’) has a simple melody, but it’s not easy to sing it.”

Drama theme songs are always loved by the fans. Della Ding’s “I Love Him” accompanied with the hit series, “Autumn’s Concerto”, increased her popularity by ten-folds. Ding’s “I Love Him” also won gold for “most popular KTV song” at the Malaysia PWH Music Awards, while last year’s champion, Abin Fang’s “Bad Guy”, won silver. Fang humorously complained to songwriter Vchuan Chen at the awards, “Didn’t I tell you to sell ‘I Love Him’ to me? Yet you sold it to Della, see what happened? I can only get silver now,” which caused the audience to immediately fall into laughter.

Idol drama actress and singer Rainie Yang has not only won best actress at the Golden Bell Awards for her role in “Hi! My Sweetheart”, her ending theme song, “Rainie Love”, has also been a popular pick at the KTV's. Although it’s been a busy year for Yang, her popularity is untouched.

However, fans are hard to predict. Jam Hsiao’s pop rock single, “Princess”, reached top 10 on the charts, bumping down classics such as “Love of the Millennium” and “Ten Years”. In contrast, top album sellers such as Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, and Leehom Wang did not do as well as expected. KTV fans commented that the ballads are definitely more popular than the dance songs. Although Jolin Tsai’s “Honey Trap” and ELVA Hsiao’s “Miss ELVA” are fan favorites, admittedly, they are better for listening enjoyment than to be sung at the KTV's.

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Tiger Huang's "Not That Simple":

Della Ding's "I Love Him":

Rainie Yang's "Rainie Love":

Abin Fang's "Bad Guy":

Jam Hsiao's "Princess":

Jay Chou's "Where Is Our Promised Happiness":

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