TANK has dangerous close call during performance

As most know, singer-songwriter TANK has heart disease. He spent NT$500,000 last year on a cardioverter defibrillator which sends an electric shock to his heart whenever his heartbeat becomes too fast. When he was performing at Nankan high school the other night, during his second song, "Bull Fighting", he was extending his hand to shake hands with the students when someone gripped him and wouldn't let go.

He was nearly pulled off stage, giving him quite a scare and increased his heartbeat so that the device went into effect. This resulted in a shock that was extremely painful making him place his hand on his heart.Thus, he was supported backstage and didn't come back on until they were sure that he was unaffected. Fortunately, it wasn't anything serious and after a short bit, he returned to the stage and finished the show.

Source:  Appledaily

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