Taiwan's Next Media Animation release hilarious response video to Conan O'Brien

Famous for rapidly broadcasting all those computer-generated animations of top news stories, Next Media Animation (NMA) -- which shares the same parent company Next Media as Apple Daily -- got some nice exposure on American entertainer Conan O'Brien's nightly program following NMA's animated news piece related to his new show. The piece attracted the attention of the famous late night show host after it gave a humorous interpretation of the events that transpired behind Conan's debut of his new show, and so the American entertainer decided to feature it on his program.

Over a month later, Conan's sole computer animator produced an amateur animated sketch inspired from NMA's own animated news pieces, which prompted a massively funny direct response by the animators over at NMA. The hilarious friendly feud between Conan and NMA was featured once again on Conan's own late night show to the delight of viewers. If you've missed out on the original escapades, be sure to check out the clips below to see crazy antics between Conan and NMA for yourself!

Follow-up Conan clip:

Original Conan clip:

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