"Superstar" Stanley Huang writes about showbiz in new single

Stanley Huang has been much less active in the music scene recently as he’s been filming movies in the mainland. After much wait, the singer has just released his new single, “I Am Superstar (我是明星)”. Like his usual style, the song is accompanied with fierce lyrics writing about the current trends in showbiz, for example: “Walking on the red carpet and taking photos, didn’t get nominated, didn’t win, but at least I’m fashionable.” He also criticizes the connections needed in order to do promotions, “If don’t cooperate, the song won’t get played. Go to hell, you can’t stop me, there’s still the web.” Thus, he has chosen to release his new single online.

As apparent in the MV, the song is used for a watch commercial in the mainland. The MV also features a mainland newcomer who is said to be a Cecilia Cheung look alike.

After leaving his record and management company, Stanley has formed his own company (音浪公司) to manage his own career. Other than filming movies, he has also released three singles during this time. Stanley commented, “Don’t say I’m slow.” Furthermore, Stanley performs on average at five company concerts per month; he currently has four endorsements in both mainland and Taiwan, making him quite a busy man. He will be performing at the countdown show in Nanjing, China.

Source: UDN, bouncebill's channel

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