Sonia Sui gets scarf to strangle James Wen

In the series, "Fierce Wife", Sonia Sui's character is betrayed by her husband. Unlike in the series, in reality, she actually has a fierce personality and will definitely keep boyfriend, Yao Yuan Hao obediently at her side. She expressed that she would never let her man betray her. If what happens in the series happens to her after she gets married one day, she would get a divorce without hesitation and will walk away with dignity without asking for alimony from the husband.

She admits that she has a dread of relationships and cannot put up with her other half sneaking around. She said with a laugh, "Before marriage, it's about seeing the sincerity. After marriage, it's about seeing the conscience. A sense of responsibility is very important." She also doesn't want to lose herself after marriage and hopes, instead, to continuously get better. She wants to have both a life and work, but will also have a girly side, "I am willing to take cooking lessons before marriage, so that I can cook later on." Sonia apparently has a habit of reading the script before sleeping, often crying out of heartbreak for her character in the series and ending up with swollen eyes in the morning.

At the press conference on the 23rd, she prepared a scarf for James Wen, "This can strangle him!" James' character in the series is mixed with the three women in the series. But, on set, he is often left out as the women all crowd together to chat and eat refreshments while he hides in a corner. He says that he is a very morally grounded person and feels tortured by having to act as someone who falls in love with his younger cousin-in-law. His white hair count is even increasing so fast that he has to dye his hair twice a week now.

Source: NOWnews

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