Singer Showdown (#3): Aska Yang vs. Della vs. Ashin for "Onion"

Another week, another Singer Showdown! While this week's edition is slightly off schedule by a day or three, it's still kicking for its weekly appearance. The previous showdown featuring Hsiao Hung-jen and Lala Hsu for the song "On a White Horse" didn't get as much reader participation as the week before's, but it still got some nice votes in for those two lesser known yet just as talented singers. And the winner from last week's showdown though goes to Lala Hsu!

Winner: Lala Hsu!

This week's showdown features a song that's actually been near or at the top of the Taiwanese Mandopop charts titled "Onion". While the latest version topping the charts is done by none other than the vocally wonderful Della, the song itself is a cover originally sung by talent show contestant-turned-signed artist Aska Yang. This song seems to be quite popular in Taiwan, as even Mayday's lead vocalist and composer Ashin gives his own live take of the tune.

As usual, give a vote to the version of this week's song "Onion" you like the most and we'll tally up the votes to decide the winner.  Will it be the powerful-sounding Della, the soulful-sounding Aska, or the raw-sounding Ashin? We'll find out for sure next week!

Whose version of "Onion" do you prefer?

Aska Yang's version:

Della's version:

Ashin's version:

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