SIGMA runs with tears in new MV

SIGMA has just recently filmed their new MV, Running with Tears (淚奔). The plot is a romantic one that required the boys to shed tears. However, Judy Chou was unable to squeeze out tears, no matter what, and ended up mocking himself saying he was cold blooded.

Despite the MV requiring them to be romantic and shed tears, it was a different story off-camera. The three could not get those tears to run. They used yawning to try to squeeze the tears out. Mrtting Li and Tommy Lin were the first to shed tears, but Judy Chou could not and ended up laughing instead.

When asked about their past crying experiences, group member Mrtting Li was very passionate about it. During his college days, he and his girlfriend had a long distance relationship where the feelings slowly faded. On one Christmas, the two cried together over the phone over their separation.

Check out their crying in the MV:

Sources: Liberytimes, HIMservice for video

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