Show Luo welcomes the new year with a wig

“Asia dance king” Show Luo was performing at the Taoyuan and Kaohsiung countdown concerts. Before the show, he only ate an apple and a piece of chicken breast to fill his stomach – on a strict diet to keep himself in shape for his upcoming album in February (right photo: choosing between a healthy slice of apple and a delicious chicken drumstick). But the most surprising part was that he appeared on stage wearing…a wig. Show laughed, “It’s the first time I wore a wig while dancing. (I was) very nervous and afraid that something would happen!” (like wig falling off)

The wig was to hide Show’s new hairstyle that is to be revealed when his new album release draws closer. He revealed that he has been eating only two meals a day recently in order to maintain his weight. He’s allowed to eat rice for lunch, but he is forbid of eating starch at night. Thus, he can only eat fruits and chicken breasts for dinner, but no food after 6pm. But is one apple and a piece of chicken breast enough for all that dancing? Show replied with confidence, “I’m already used to it. I’ve got enough energy. I ate a lot during lunch.”

Watch Show perform at Kaohsiung E-Da World's countdown:

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Source: Appledaily, EmStage's channel

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