Selina's fiance says she'll never look the same again

Still working hard on recovering from her burn injury, Selina Jen’s fiancé Richard Chang revealed for the first time that Selina’s appearance will not be the same again. The news truly pains the friends and family as well as the fans.

Richard Chang wrote about Selina’s condition on HIM Records site, describing his beloved fiancee’s struggles to battle both physical and psychological wounds. In the post, he described Selina’s newly grafted skin as being dry and thin with blisters, and compared them to being "like a disobedient child." As for Selina’s bruised face, there is a possibility that it won’t be scarred.

Chang further expressed that other than cheering Selina on, there has been nothing else that he could do. Every time Selina completes her exercises, it would feel like her skin is being ripped apart. Due to muscular atrophy, her body structure has also changed and her legs are swollen like a bee hive.

Selina continues to be courageous and optimistic while comforting others. Chang expressed, “If there is a meaning to this challenge, then it is to let us see how her optimism and bravery underneath her fragile appearance can overcome her physical pain; how her parents’ can surpass the limit of their physical strength with love; it also let us see the strong support from S.H.E and the fans.”

Source: NOWnews, ChinaTimes

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