Selina able to have feet touch the ground, is overjoyed with tears

As S.H.E member Selina's condition is improving from her burn injury treatment, days after her urinary tract tube was to be removed, the actress was excitedly able to set foot on the ground one day early after being restricted to a wheelchair. Selina's mainland co-star Yu Hao Ming, who also sustained terrible burn injuries from the movie set accident, will be transferred to a different hospital facility in order to advance to the next phase of treatment.

A nurse on hand was there to help support Selina get both of her feet to touch the ground since being able to sit in a wheelchair. Over a month and a half since moving to a wheelchair, this is the first time the Taiwanese entertainer was able to bend her knees with having her feet planted the ground. While a painful experience for Selina to bend her knees, the physical action overjoyed her to tears. Selina's father was by her side to comfort her daughter towards the next step of her rehabilitation following Selina's progress in setting foot on the ground.

With the progress being made to Selina in the removal of her urinary tract tube, Selina's S.H.E groupmate Ella congratulated her on her progress. Ella herself is wrapping up a month of studying abroad and returned to Taiwan a couple days ago.

Regarding the condition of Selina's co-star Yu Hao Ming, his fan club released information that his back injuries sustained from the accident is still serious, in addition to not being able to bend his body and having impaired functionality. The swelling to his face has also not went away, so doctors suggested that he be transferred to a specialized rehabilitation medical facility to address the actor's lingering physical condition.

Source: UDN

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