[Updated w/ MV] Self-proclaimed "Ayumi Hamasaki of Taiwan" Lotus Wang covers T-ara's "Bo Peep Bo Peep", receives overwhelmingly positive reactions

Last year's MV release of K-pop girl group T-ara's dance track "Bo Peep Bo Peep" created quite a bit of a stir as attention focused more on the controversy of the video and chorus than to the dance-bouncy melody. If you've missed out, while music fans in South Korea were decrying the original version of the video as being naughtily racy for its bed scene featuring the group's member Hyomin, English-speaking music fans were more caught up on the lyrics sounding like a direct command for some dirty action.

Fast forward one year later to now, and Taiwan finally gets its own version of T-ara's original controversial tune, this time with long-time entertainer Lotus Wang providing a nearly seamless Taiwanese language cover called "Bobee 保庇". In addition to being a cover, the electronic-beat song is also the title track for Lotus' upcoming album to be released on December 8 next week, her first album in a quarter of a century (!!!).

K-pop girl group T-ara.

To get into the right mindset for her newest album and "Bobee" title track, Lotus upgraded to a more daring look and also practiced very hard for her "Bobee dance". With the release of the cover song over a week prior to the album's release, responses from listeners have been overwhelmingly positive. And despite Lotus' contrasting physical characteristics with the original singers T-ara, music fans have looked past the Taiwanese entertainer's image and instead praised Lotus for both a faithful and also ear-pleasing Taiwanese adaptation of the original K-pop tune.

Lotus Wang's cover:

T-ara's original:

Lotus Wang catching Show Luo watching porn skit:

Source: UDN

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