Rhydian Vaughan accepts first endorsement

After rising to fame from the local hit movie, “Monga”, Rhydian Vaughan has just accepted his first endorsement; the sportswear brand K-Swiss will pay Rhydian 7-figures (~one million TWD) to become its spokesperson for Taiwan. It will actually be their second time working together and Rhydian expressed, “Our first collaboration went very well. I think both of us felt great, so that’s why they’ve asked me to become the spokesperson this time.” As for obtaining his very first endorsement, he laughed, “It feels like I’ve gone to the next level in life.”

Rhydian, who doesn’t pay much attention to his appearance, revealed that he used to wear used clothes. When asked if he still wears used clothes after becoming famous, he responded, “Maybe because a lot of brands know that I have a habit of wearing anything I find, that’s why they sponsor me. Right now, I’ve got so many clothes that I can provide them to others.”

Other than being thrilled about getting promoted from being a guest star to a spokesperson, Rhydian described that “it feels like the start of a new love relationship.” He also commented that he’s very satisfied with the pay.

Rhydian plans to return to England on the 28th, but due to the snowstorm, he’s afraid that his flight might get cancelled, making him unable to go home.

Rhydian also modeled for Levi's recently along with Tony Yang, Anthony Neely and Shiou Jieh Kai:

Source: Appledaily, UDN, WINYEDANEWS's channel

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