Ratings drought continues for idol dramas

2010 will likely go down as one of the worst years for idol dramas. It started off promising with hits like Autumn’s Concerto and Hi My Sweetheart, but things quickly went downhill thereafter. The final Sunday of the year was no exception: “Channel-X” is closing in on dipping below 1%; it averaged 1.06% for the latest episode. “4 Gifts” ended its disappointing run at 1.04%, while “Love Buffet” rounds out the group at 1.02%.

Now that 4 Gifts is finished, CTV will extend “Million Star” to fill its timeslot till 10:30, and then followed by Japanese variety “Exile EXE”. To put things in perspective, Million Star has steadily improved in the ratings despite recent the cancellation rumors. The show scored 1.99% last Sunday, and assuming it can hold onto viewers for 30 more minutes, it should handily beat both Channel-X and Love Buffet. If all goes as plan for CTV, the network will premiere Mike He and Janine Chang's "Sunny Happiness" in mid-February, and He's other drama "Mei Le, Go" with Cyndi Wang is tentatively scheduled for June.

Here's a full recap:

Source: Chinatimes

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