Random Chat (#9)

With the new year just around the corner, you can bet that New Year's commercials and ads will be streaming in non-stop. So let's start off some of that holiday cheer on our site!

Let's kick it off with the brand new 2011 Coca-Cola commercial starring the one and only Wu Chun and his Tokyo Juliet costar, Ariel Lin.

Here's a rough translation of what they say:
Big brother is home!
He's brought an additional person.
Such a beautiful girl, who is she to you?
Your classmate?
Your friend?
Wu Chun: She's nothing to me...She's my girlfriend!
We already knew that.
Happy New Year!
She's pretty.
Who pictured themselves in Ariel's place? Or maybe Wu Chun's? Or that cup of coke's?
For the song of the week, let's go back to Chun's debut in Tokyo Juliet, the series that started his acting career. Here is Ariel's cover of Tank's Only You, featuring Wu Chun.

Really, he doesn't need to co-star with Korean stars at all, does he?

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