Random Chat (#8)

Hey everyone!  This is Pauli again, hosting this week's Random Chat once again. Sorry for being a day late with this week's edition...again.  Anyway, what I really love about Random Chat is the potential of chatting randomly about stuff every week. So this week, I'm going to randomly tell a true story of mine that I've shared with some of the senior crew on our site in the past.

When I first studied abroad in Taiwan, I had no prior knowledge of Taiwan's pop culture. At the time, I was enrolled in a Mandarin language class at my study abroad university, where one of my classmates happened to be a Korean language instructor at the university.  My instructor classmate told me that he wanted to learn Mandarin so that he can help his Taiwanese students understand Korean through their native language.

Every so often, I would comes across my instructor classmate around campus after class talking with a small group of his Korean language female students, probably making conversation or answering their questions. From this group of girls, I would sometimes see what I considered to be a funny looking girl. Since my study abroad university is dominantly female, I only noticed because she kind of stood out from the other girls with her weird look.

Later that semester, I went to go karaoke somewhere downtown with some of my schoomates, and one of my friends decided to pick out Mayday's "Turbulent Days 亂世浮生" as one of the songs to sing. As the MV played, I realized that the actress in the MV looked just like that same funny looking girl that I saw a few times on campus. When I brought this up with my schoolmates, they nonchalantly told me that she was indeed the same girl. So yeah, that's how I first knew about Ariel Lin.

Song of the Week: Mayday's "Turbulent Days 亂世浮生"

In honor of this true story, I present with you all this week's song of the week by Mayday! I really dig this tune because it has such a western-influenced alternative rock vibe that dominated American radio roughly a decade ago.  Plus, it features funny-looking girl Ariel Lin!

tl;dr: A schoolmate of mine looked funny looking. Saw her in a Mayday MV. Found out it was Ariel Lin.

Anyway, that's enough random chatting from me for this post. Now go forth and randomly chat away! (But keep it clean!)

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